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Axiom Neuro - Visual Neuroantomy and Neurology

Attention Mac owners: Axiom Neuro is now on the Mac!

Axiom Neuro is an interactive functional atlas that uses over 125 animations to bring the incredibly complex and dynamic nervous system of the spinal cord and brain into clear focus giving students, health professionals and even patients a detailed, intuitive look into human neuroanatomy.

From lumbar to cervical, from the vagus nerve to the optic nerve, from strokes to paralysis, Axiom Neuro features nearly 75 minutes of animation that makes neurology and neuroanatomy easy to visualize and understand. It is designed as a supplement to traditional textbooks and atlases, not a replacement, and therefore is able to focus on visually-oriented learning, giving users an easy-to-grasp view of the most important concepts.

Take a tour of the program or download the free demo version and see for yourself what makes Axiom Neuro the easiest and most intuitive way to learn these most difficult subjects.

We offer student discounts as well as a full rebate for students who can convince their schools to buy.

Ready to buy? Click here for secure online purchasing. Axiom Neuro is available for both Mac and Windows 7/XP/Vista computers. Windows 8 is not supported.

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