Save Money When Renting a Car

Whether it be for a vacation or if your car is in the shop being repaired, chances are you will need to rent a car at some time. I am sure that many people have related horror stories about how much it expenses and all of the crazy fees to get insurance and the like that they add on to the price. Good news – it does not have to be as expensive as you think. Here are a few helpful hints to help you minimize the cost of your next rental.

Before you rent, make sure that you know what size car you want to rent. It is far from necessary to rent the same kind of car that you already have.
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Think about what you will be doing while you are driving the car hire. In other words, don’t rent a VEHICLE if a sub compact car will do. Remember, you are only renting this, not buying it.

Now that do you know what kind of car you want, now it is period for research. In addition to going to the major rental car agencies (Hertz, Avis, Business or Budget), find sites on the Internet that have ratings for the various car rental companies. One more thing before you select the business that you want to rent from, execute a Google search for coupons and discount codes for the agency that you selected. Just search for the agency name and either “coupons” or “discount codes”. You will be surprised at the discounts you can find with a little work.

If you are on vacation and are also flying to your destination, you might want to check with your travel agent and see if there is any kind of discount offered by the airline you are flying. Many times travel agents (and online travel booking sites) will sell package deals. This can include air fare, hotel and rental car or any mixture.

Insurance is the one area that will seems to give car renters one of the most anxiety. Depending on your personal automobile insurance plan, you might already be covered. Before you rent, make sure to call your insurance agent and see if your policy will cover you and the car when you are driving a rental. If you are, you can just decline the insurance the rental car company offers and save yourself a few bucks. Another way to avoid the insurance plan issue is to check and see in case your credit card provides insurance automatically if you rent a car using it. You will be amazed at the insurance options that you have available to you.

If you travel for business, make sure that you sign up for their loyalty card. The majority are free to join and can save you cash over the long-run. This will also be really worth looking into if you just rent cars periodically. Make sure to check and see whenever you can sign up for their loyalty card. You can find often discounts and other perks offered to the loyalty card holders.


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