Renting Display Stands Vs Buying Display Stands

Regardless of whether you exhibit once a year or every week, you may be using display stands. You may also find yourself wondering whether it is wiser in order to rent your display stands or even buy them. The answer may be simple for you, but before you come to your bottom line, read about some of the factors to consider in every scenario so that you can make an informed decision.


There are several different situations by which renting display stands just can make more sense than purchasing them. Below are some scenarios where renting display stands may be the right choice.

– For example , if you are attending a good exhibition internationally, it may be more cost-effective to rent display stands regionally than it would be to ship them overseas. In this situation, care must be taken to rent from a reputable source.

– Another situation in which hiring display stands is the better options are when you’re trying exhibition as a new marketing technique or are just starting out. In this case, you may not be ready to invest in your personal display stands. If this is the circumstance you find yourself in, you may decide to lease display stands until you’re sure the commitment will be worth it.
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— You may already own a display endure or even multiple stands. However , a specific event may come up where you have the opportunity to exhibit in two places at once and you may not have enough display stands. In this case, renting one or more display appears can allow you to maximize your displays in a cost-effective manner.


Various other circumstances definitely warrant investing in your own display stands. Even if you begin by hiring display stands, you may soon understand that the frequency with which you find yourself renting them makes purchasing your own long term ones the wiser choice.

– If your business model includes selling mainly at trade-show or exhibition style outlets such as flea markets, exchange meets or other such venues, maybe you are using display stands very often. With this scenario, it is wise to invest in your own personal display stands, as the cost will be made up in what you would have otherwise spent in rentals.

– If most of the exhibitions you participate are local and you are able to transport them, or if the cost of shipping them to the exhibitions you exhibit from is reasonable, then buying may be a good option for you.

– If business show marketing is a large portion of your overall marketing plan, then hopefully you will find yourself participating in several industry events over the course of a year. If trade show marketing is integral to your business, then chances are that you will be participating in trade shows for several years and can definitely benefit from investing in display stands.

The Verdict

Fundamentally, to rent or buy display stands is a matter of circumstance. It all depends on circumstances such as just how often you would be using them, how near or far they would be transported, etc . These circumstances would determine whether the investment and commitment of buying your own display stands is called for, or whether renting the screen stands is smarter for your reasons. No matter which route you end up deciding meets your requirements and your business, make sure you do your research. Whether or not you rent or buy display stands you will want to be sure to deal with a reputable dealer. You should also be a smart customer and shop around to ensure you get the best value and most reasonable pricing available.


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