Overview of Netflix Canada

Netflix, The American Online On-Demand Video Streaming Giant crossed the boundary into Canada on September 22nd of 2010 looking to capitalize within the largely untapped online TV plus Movie streaming market.

While Netflix Canada, for the moment, will not be providing its flat rate online DVD-video and Blu-ray Disc rental program as in the United States, it is bringing a top quality video streaming service to Canadians… but will it be enough to change the way in which we rent, buy and watch our favorite TV episodes and Movies?

When I first heard that Netflix had been coming to Canada, I was pretty thrilled. I watch a lot of movies, mainly on my laptop after everyone else has gone to bed, and the concept of being able to watch any number of movies on the web at any time for less than the cost of 2 film rentals per month sounded pretty good to me. When Netflix Canada finally do open for business, I was a little disappointed by the initial reviews pointing to a limited selection of movies plus TV episodes and, as a result, defer trying out their service. I’d virtually forgotten about it until one night time a couple of weeks ago when I found myself without a movie to watch and chose to give Netflix a shot. For $7. 99 per month for unlimited online TV and online movies, exactly what did I have to lose? It was an even easier sell once I got to the Netflix Sign In page (www.netflix.ca) to understand they are offering a 30 day, simply no obligation, free trial. After trying it out for a week, I have to say that my only disappointment is that I did not sign up sooner!

How does Netflix North america stack up?

Let’s talk about their choice first, so that we can get that out of the way! Netflix Canada currently offers a catalogue of a tad over 7000 titles, which includes movies as well as some (emphasis on some) seasons associated with popular TV shows. While they do possess some fairly new releases, in general, Netflix’s movie offerings include some blockbusters from the last few years, a few classics (Clint Eastwood, John Wayne) plus a healthy mix of lesser known titles.

In comparison with the 100000+ movie titles available online to American Netflix subscribers, decades quite the mammoth selection I was hoping for. Apparently, it all boils down to license issues and some legal red tape. I assume, however , that Netflix is devoted to its Netflix Canada subscribers and that they will be adding thousands more for their catalog as the year unfolds. Just this past week, they’ve added various popular TV series full seasons and am expect (hope) the same will happen in the movie front.

Personally, I’m not really the type to rush out and rent the latest releases. I like to explore and try out different movies and watch some old favorites over and over again (some I’ve seen 10 times or more), for which, Netflix Canada provides proven to be a small treasure trove but for those who have to see the latest releases because they become available, Netflix, at least for the time being, may not be for you. Perhaps Pay Per Vu at $4-$7 a shot or your local video store is still your best bet.

If, like myself, you find yourself renting films several times per week or buying DVDs every so often, you owe it to yourself to give Netflix Canada a try. With $7. 99 per month, I’ll be saving tons of money on late fees by yourself and the convenience of not having to run out to the store is really nice. I’ve been attempting it out for a little over 2 weeks and have watched about 20 films since I first signed up.

What I like about Netflix!

One thing I really like about Netflix is that it asks you to rate movies you’ve seen and offers up custom recommendations based on your answers. In fact , the whole suggestion system works pretty well.
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I also like how nicely movies and TV shows are classified. Currently, offerings are sorted amongst 20 genres and countless sub-genres, which allows you to quickly pinpoint what you need to watch.


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