Preventing Premature Greying of Hair

Picture one white sheep among hoards of black ones and probably you would immediately think of your a hundred grey strands among a million dark ones. Hair that prematurely turns grey is an embarrassment for many along with a nagging problem for the youth these days.

Although with age, hair tends to turn grey, but graying from a young age that is, prematurely, is totally demotivating and discomforting causing a young person to appear much older than he/she actually is.

Yet what actually is the reason for our locks turning grey? “Well, there is no a single reason”, says, Dr Anjali Dange, dermatologist and hair transplant cosmetic surgeon, “it’s a culmination of various elements that lead to graying of hair among youngsters between 20 plus 35 years and among kids who are as young as seven years”. “In fact”, quips Dr Dange, “one in every five adults in their 20’s suffer from grey hair”.

A grey hair strand means that the cells in hair follicles cease to produce the pigment that gives hair its color. “And once the production of grey tresses in hair follicles starts, there is no method it can go back to produce the natural hair colour” says Dr Dange

So what exactly causes our tresses to turn grey?

The reasons for hair turning grey range from hereditary or even genetic factors, wherein grey curly hair are passed down to the next generation for an unhealthy and incomplete diet that lacks essential nutrients like copper, iodine, iron, vitamin B12.
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Stress and anxiety also lead significantly towards premature graying associated with hair.

Besides, other important leads to are:

Chronic cold
Not washing hair regularly thereby inviting dandruff
Using electric dryers and concentrated hair dyes
Chronic constipation, anemia, and thyroid problems
Hormonal imbalance
Illness and infectious diseases
Radiation treatment and radiation
Hair also has a tendency to turn grey due to constant exposure to the sun or wind, as it can result in hair follicles turning weak and brittle, thereby reducing their pigment generating capacity.

“However”, says, Dr Dange, “there is no sure shot treatment by which you can get rid of grey curly hair totally. Once the pigment is dropped, it cannot come back. Thus the only alternative we now have is to hide our silver locks by colouring associated with dyes or henna (mehendi)”. Therefore, now the challenge lies in how you conserve the lusciousness of your hair, despite the usage of chemicals present in the dyes.

The same opinion is shared by ayurvedic practitioner, Vrushali Kalap when the girl says, “in ayurveda too, you will not prevent or cure premature graying of hair, as it happens because of pitta dosha, however , we can control the frequency with which our hair turns grey. ” She suggests breaking Vitamin E tablets and mixing the powder in coconut essential oil and then applying it on the scalp as being a treatment against grey hair.

However , certain home remedies that prevent greying of hair need to be followed in order to control the frequency with which our hair turns grey:

Best remedies:

Do not constantly keep changing shampoos.
Apply oil at least twice a week. This will nourish your hair follicles and can make them stronger.
Limit your consumption of coffee, alcohol, fried and oily foods as these can play havoc with the nourishment of hair and it is moisture content resulting in premature greying.


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