On-line Reputation Management – Is Every thing Google Says True?

Do this, type in your name or company name in Google. Check the first 10 listings from the Google search. Given the variable of name commonality, you will likely see a Facebook profile, your Twitter posts, maybe even a LinkedIn resume. You may will see a post from an article you had written, posted and have long since forgotten. Wait, what if the truth is something embarrassing, slanderous, private, or simply plain wrong?

Now, imagine this particular… what if a prospective customer, company or love interest sees these links? Would you be embarrassed, crazy, or outright enraged? Because of this, several will turn to reputation management firms in hopes of managing your presence in search results. This tactic of Status Management is without question hazy at best. Reputation Management is used in order to either smother or remove an inaccurate post, or used by unethical individuals attempting to cover up shady habits.

Reputation Management is used with the belief that individuals have the right to decide exactly how their name and/or business name is displayed to the world. While Google believes that it is the ultimate criminal record, we will never really know how the Google algorithm decided that those embarrassing hyperlinks are the most relevant and condemning.

Just how Online Reputation Management Works

In the highest level attempting to reverse slanderous links may require the acquisition of a legal firm such as Rexxfield. The main trouble with this is those that are making the wrong, poor, or slanderous statements can find a myriad of locations to make other content. You could be chasing the proverbial never-ending nightmare posting.

Other instances might be corrected with a few emails and correspondence to the correct individuals. While the most frequent and cost effective manner in which to perform Online Reputation Management is with Seo including content creation using Google’s strategies against the “unscrupulous poster”, deeply burying the negative links, with refreshing relevant content.

There are many ways to start this, some more ethical than others. The bottom line is to push the damaging links and posts to the “Google Ghetto”, aka: Page 2 plus beyond.

Online Reputation Management along with Reviews

With regards to Product and Company Reviews – unfortunately, most companies and products will at some point experience the effect of reputation damage from an internet review. In the vast world from the internet, it is not difficult for an unfavorable review to go viral and damage your company’s reputation, which can lead to a decline in business revenue. The great news… with the right methods and techniques, you can effectively fight against this adverse publicity.

And to be quite blunt… A customer that had a negative experience of your business or product will leap through as many fiery hoops necessary to hurt your reputation online. Your own happy customers will continue to patronize your business, but will not necessarily jump through hoops to post positive comments (which will in effect offset the particular negatives). This is the dilemma, this is where status management comes in.

What Would Google do?

Here is a recent Google declaration on Online Reputation Management:

“Our goal is to help people find relevant information. So , we don’t condone reputation management campaigns that make an effort to hide relevant information. While nothing is in our guidelines that explicitly forbids reputation management, if we uncover hyperlink schemes or other violations, we all reserve the right to take action in response. We have been constantly working to improve our methods to ensure people find the most relevant details possible for their searches. ”

To Summarize: If left to occur naturally, the negative post will far outweigh the positives. It is necessary to have an Online Reputation Management Campaign on the prepared at all times. Whether you do it your self or contract the service out there, it needs to be done.
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