Exactly how Cancer Insurance Works Or Turn up useful info

In case you have read any of my previous content, you would know that I was diagnosed with cancer at the base of my language in 1999.
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Upon the diagnosis We tried several approaches with choice methods before going the traditional route of the radiation and chemotherapy. I’m going to provide you with two scenarios so pay attention to each of them. At the end of the article you will know how cancer insurance works or turn up useful info!

I realized I had a group in the side of my neck that wasn’t supposed to be there. We went to an Ear, Nose, plus Throat doctor and he did a needle biopsy but could not figure out what it was. He then informed that it will be in my best interest to obtain one more ENT since he was relocating his practice. So I”m out there money with him and go to another. Same story, same circumstance. I was told that the only method to know for sure was to have a doctor actually put me to rest and do a biopsy. I did and yes it was determined to be cancerous however it was not the main tumor. So I return to the surgeon, he puts me personally back to sleep, goes down my tonsils and finds a small tumor at the base of my tongue. At this time he actually tells me that he is usually turning me over to the “big boys”. meaning he is sending myself to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Have you counted the number of instances and different doctors, procedures? Well, Vanderbilt wants to put me to sleep and do a biopsy of the tumor to be absolutely sure, and it was malignancy. But they wanted me to come back inside a week for their answer in how to treat it. Oh yeah, once they do a biopsy like that, you don’t really feel like going back to work the next day. So lost time from work here, lost pay, still have cancer.

I return to Vanderbilt as well as the treatment they suggested just failed to fit in my schedule. Remove the backside of my tongue, muscle tissue from your neck and remove some jaw bone was not in my picture! And we leave there not knowing which way to go. WEll, I’m going to shorten this upward a little. I did some alternative treatments on my on which was cash out of my pocket. Lost time from work. Keep in mind that I had an excellent group policy that paid well on the major hospitals and doctors and procedures but I was out of work therefore lost pay plus you still have deductibles, etc . So what do I do next? I fly to Mexico to complete alternative treatments I found. Think insurance plan paid for that? I was there around three weeks. Again lost time from work, no pay, airfare, accommodation, food, etc . The treatment there did stop the cancer for about two years. then in 2002 it returned. Keep in mind, the treatment center in Mexico told me they thought they could end it but would not guarantee that in would not return! They were honest and accurate. But I had found out about a new procedure in Memphis which was giving very good results for the kind of cancer I had. I went generally there, took the treatments, was away from work for a couple or three months. Now i’m now cancer free.

The bottom line is that I is so glad to hear about the treatment in Memphis. But are you able to see the time and dollars I used to be out until I found that right doctor and the right procedure? Several thousand!

Now fast forward almost six years to the month. My child has a problem in his throat. With thirty seven years of age I was worried. And he went to his doctor who referred him to an ENT. I actually said Whoa! May I create a suggestion here son? I set him up with the doctor in Memphis. And yes it was cancer in the vocal chords. He went through thirty radiation treatments, like I did, but did not have to have chemo. He has suffered, lost time from work, dropped pay, out dollars traveling back and forth from his home to have the radiation on a daily basis. I drove almost two hundred and fifty miles a day for several weeks for radiation. It was cheaper than staying in a motel room.

So right here is the bottom line. The difference in the cancer I had and the type my son experienced was about one inch. From the base of the tongue to the vocals is about that far. But do you want to understand the major difference in my son and me? He received a check intended for $30, 000. 00 because he had supplemental cancer insurance that paid on the diagnosis of internal or lifetime threatening cancer! Trust me, he had much rather had never had to make use of that policy but he had been smart enough to know the benefits of getting that policy. There is a history of malignancy in our family and he knew the potential risks. I just never thought I would have cancer! Considering the low cost of the insurance coverage it was clearly a huge mistake on my part.


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