How to Understand SEO – Learn SEO

SEO is abbreviation from Search Engine Optimization. If you are planning to start a website these days, without a doubt I could say that you must know SEO. Or at least hire someone so he can do it to suit your needs.

How does SEO work?

Well you fundamentally optimize your website so you can rank higher in search engines -Google, Yahoo and BING. Your main goal should be to rank at least in the top 10 of one of these SEs.

How do i rank in the top ten?

It depends on a lot of factors and some of them are:
How competitive is your niche? One example is when I search money on Google i actually get 979 000 outcomes. This is tooooo competitive. You should try in order to rank for that kind of words. Test focusing on long-tail keywords. For example instead of optimizing for “money” try customization for “make money online” but again it’s really a lot of competition out there 40 800 000 results… but it’s better than “money”. But if we look at “make money online staying at home” – we get 6 020 000 so that’s a good key word. ( I will be explaining in second option articles how to find the best keyword to suit your needs and stuff like that)

On web page SEO – This is really important aspect. That is basically how the search engines call at your site.

Of page SEO – Now this is the most important. It depends on a legitimate lot of stuff like: how many other sites are usually linking to you, their page rank, the particular anchor text they are using to connect to you.

In latter articles We are explaining how to do all that stuff, but these first articles are just helpful so you know the basics.

Which search engine to focus on?

When I read some content from the past (before 2 years or even something) I understand how easy it had been back then to rank in the SONY ERICSSON. But now things have changed, plus Google, Yahoo and even MSN got smarter.

In my opinion the easiest to rank in is MSN. Then arrives Yahoo. And lastly Google. Its really hard to exploit the big G.

It’s really complex because all of them have different methods for ranking so if you are at start at MSN you probably won’t be any place in Google and Yahoo. If you are trying to make a long lasting site the best option is to go for Google. If not better focus on MSN since it’s updating more constantly.

Bottom line:

Ranking in Search Engines is really hard and in most cases there are people who is going to do the hard job for you (SEO) but you need to find the right people because there are lots of scammers out there. Good place for locating guys to hire freelancers is elance.


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